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PostSubject: PARTY SYSTEM   Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:59 am

To those of you who think, party is too lag and delay, and YOU AGREE WITH ME, that sinsu's drop (all party drop) should be made to "solo drop", please MAIL GM TOO,
tell them how you feel, and suggest them to change it to solo party , you can tell them to lower the drop rate a bit to compensate for it, I think this is
a good way to improve the game, party is too delay, its not about the difficulty, it's about how to ENJOY the game
how can you enjoy the game when u have to battle with monsters with delays? In case you dont know how to mail GM
Go to its website "www.thegreatmerchant.com" under SUPPORT > direct inquiries, there u can write about this and send it.
Thank you for those who cooperated.
It takes just a little bit of ur time to improve this game
the server is getting more crowded than before, and I believe we should make a move
tell GM how we feel, suggest them what to do, and if we do it together,
hopefully they will do it =D

[indonesian version]

Bagi agan2 smw yg merasa party trlalu lag n delay, trus u setuju ama gw kalo "PARTY DROP" alias drop yg cm bisa di dapetin
kalo pk party itu harusnya di jadiin "SOLO DROP" aja, mari kirim ke GM rame2, kt kasitw apa yg kt rasain, ap yg bisa di ubah, di kembangkan,
biar game ini lebi bagus lg.
Bkn masalah trlalu susah, gmn mw enjoy gamenya kalo mw bunu monster hrs ngelag2, delay2, harusnya byk yg ngerasain yg sama,
drop party jadiin solo drop aja bagusan, kalo u ga ngerti cara email ke GM,
ke www.greatmerchant.com, SUPPORT> Direct inquiries
tulis di sana smua, kirim deh
bwt majuin game ini cm butuh sedikit dr waktu anda
server ini uda lebi rame dari dolo, kt harus bertindak jg kalo mw sesuatu,
kasitau GM ttg smua yg bisa d improve, bersama kt bisa =D
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