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 Selling char

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PostSubject: Selling char   Wed Jun 30, 2010 5:50 am

Basically I used :

3 art of wars,
2 guest book for heroes (tavern)

Current Country : Japan
Level : 182
CL : 95

My items are (as i remembered):

Water dragon armor
King yum set
Samurai sword (level 1 promote japan)
Dusin nameplate (still as nameplate)
Zhaoyun spear (producing with 1000 wage in hanyang, finishing in less than 1 month)
2 Sword seal, 1 component seal and materials used to produce flame sword (still lacking few materials but gonna produce flamesword ASAP)

above items are the items i remember the most, theres still a lot to be said. I will respond to serious buyer with most complete details and possibly screenshots

Mercenary status :
As of now, I will mention few heroes and generals i have

Heroes :
Konishi (hero form, japan's samurai)
Peacemaker (high level)
Tortise (high level)
Sunmo (high level)
Aohangji (high level)

Sunfeiyan (high level)
Zhuge liang (above 100 level)

Factory : Hanyang and taidong

this is just an outline of my character
i'll give more detailed explanations as needed to serious buyer
the price will be few hundreds USD

I just want a sum of payment worth my hard work, time, and my expense on itemmall

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Selling char
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