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 Heroes Skill.

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PostSubject: Heroes Skill.   Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:25 am

Chosun :
YiSunShin - Tortoise - Dragon, 40x attack based on str small area. Physical based skill.

HeoJun - Volt - Big freakin Thunder, Str Based aim at the feet for maximum damage.

Shinlip - Siho - Thousand Arrows = Based on Agi, Shadow Clone = based on str for gigong, vit for hp, and wis for mp. for clone built, no need to raise agi as it is useless.

Gwon Yul - Sunmo - Iron Wall - on the contrary of alot of people who thinks that sunmo doesnt need to level up, they raise vit, this slows u down really really much, so its better to raise strength fully, and atlevel 120 or even below that, you can start hunting at Menggong. Silence = self explanatory.

Jue Miao = Flying Pho lol - Rain of fire, str based. Big AoE use it and u wont regret it.

Zhu Xilin = Krashumi - Panda, vit based and str based. vit for hp str for attack, at 500 str ur anger panda have 1.2k attack /slap. Panda can split. Cyclone, agi based. Cyclone penetrates defense, whatever damage u deal at chow chow is the same damage u deal to gukuryung chow. good single target killer, imo > volt.

Yuchang - fire dragon - Fire freakin dragon - a one line base skill, max damage is achieved when the dragons belly touches monsters, str based.

Pinghu - PeaceMaker - Cease Fire yea good skill, sleeps the whole map, any damage will awaken the monster. Heal - heal is based on % of hp not mp. one heal heals 30% of whoever hp. manual casting have longer range then auto cast.

Japan: Refer to http://greatmerchant.forum.st/leveling-guide-f9/fast-way-to-level-japan-heros-t5.htm

Feiyan - Catapult - throws a cannon ball, max damage can be achieved by aiming at the belly (much like lilings skill). str based.

Liling - Siege Tank - automated skill. physical based skill, based on str. This hero is NOT and will NEVER be a good main attacking hero. so dont be naive and use him to try mass killing mobs. Not gonna work. Support Fire hero.

Zhao Shou - Ohengi - Tenrai (nova) - 5 sec casting time or more. takes 50% of total mana of all ur mercs +hengi himself. Magical damage, based on strength and total mana. Battle Buddy - when cast to someone, hengi will share the damage taken by whoever it is being casted on.

ChukYung - Ganesha - Butterfly thing - Str based, explodes when monster is killed. Temptation - tempts a monster. in which the monster stopped moving/attacking as long as temptation is on. be aware that under the effect of temptation, no one can attack them as well.
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Heroes Skill.
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